Mercury Undercover is on itunes Now

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For Immediate Release

Mercury Undercover-documentary

Powerlunch Production and The Indie Mind Releases “Mercury Undercover” on iTunes Starting December 10, 2013

Irving, TX – Dec. 3, 2013-After a bit of a delay, The Powerlunch Production team is excited to announce that MERCURY UNDERCOVER will be available for purchase and download on iTunes on December 10, 2013. Pre-order on iTunes now to be the first to receive your copy of the film.

About Mercury undercover
Filmmakers Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya have exposed the dangers of mercury toxicity and the connection to dental amalgam fillings. This revealing documentary features interviews with scientists, doctors, victims united with forward-thinking attorneys who reveal the shocking truth. Mercury Undercover exposes the nature of people and the corrupt things that some do just for the sake of money. It is a gripping tale that will make you think twice before you eat your next catch-of-the-day or plan your next visit to the dentist’s office.


How to find Mercury Undercover

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Many scientists have  voiced how the mercury vapor from amalgam is highly absorbed by the body, once released from an amalgam-filled tooth, mercury in the form of nonreactive mercury vapor goes from your mouth to your lungs, then to your brain via your bloodstream. Mercury Undercover will help inform those who are oblivious to the pervasiveness of this remaining threat. Raising awareness on the subject and preventing others from the life-threatening illness caused by this terrible poison is the main objective of this project. YOU CAN ALSO STREAM BELOW!





2011 | Color | Feature Run Time Approx. 70 Minutes |
2011 | Color | Feature Run Time Approx. 70 Minutes | Subtítulos en Español FORMAT: NTSC ONLY All Rights Reserved by Powerlunch Production With over 60 minutes of bonus material Spanish Subtitles 16:9 widescreen Additional interviews with experts Purchase for $15.00 dollars plus shipping DISCLAIMER The producers of this documentary, Mercury Undercover, are not liable for any personal opinions expressed by the experts or victims on this film. The information published or broadcast on this documentary should not be used in place of professional medical treatments or care. Please consult a physician for professional health care. BUY NOW CLICK HERE

Available on Amazon Kindle Version

Mercury Undercover unveils how far those in power will go to prevent you from learning the truth about mercury contamination from dental amalgam fillings, all in the name of money. It is a gripping tale that will make you think twice before you eat your next catch-of-the-day or plan your next visit to the dentist’s office. Half of all North American dentists still use amalgam for its quick and easy profits, then pass the bill for damages on to the rest of us, damages to health, as well as to the environment. American dentistry’s 150-year affair with mercury is a tale of profits first, people last. CLICK HERE TO BUY[/staff]

Colombia Sets Sight on ‘Green Gold’

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Gold Audio Interview

Mercury Undercover - Science - Investigation - Documentary We found this interesting article posted on The World.


In the northern Colombian department of Choco, gold buyer Alfredo Hurtado walks across a bulldozed stretch of jungle the size of a football field. It’s a former gold mining site, and it’s littered with slag heaps and pits of contaminated water.

The miners who worked here just wanted the gold, Hurtado says. “They don’t care if the land is turned upside down.”

Hurtado says this kind of wasteland is a common sight in Colombia. With gold demand booming around the world, production is booming in Latin American. Colombia ranks among the world’s top-15 producers, and about half of its bullion is extracted by small-scale miners and illegal prospectors who often leave behind a ravaged and badly polluted landscape.

One of the biggest problems is mercury. Many miners use the toxic metal to separate the gold from the ore in which it’s found. But exposure to mercury can cause serious and permanent health problems, including brain damage and birth defects. And Colombians are exposed to huge amounts of it. A recent UN report found that Colombia is the world’s largest mercury polluter per capita from mining. But these days the country is also ground zero for a new movement to clean up small-scale mining. It’s called Oro Verde, or Green Gold.

One project is on display right here in Choco.

Alongside a small mountain river, Miner Luis Palomino picks a few leaves from a balsa tree and stirs them in a wooden bowl filled with water and sediment from the river. The leaves create a soapy film that attaches to the lighter minerals and can be washed away, leaving behind heavier flecks of gold. They do basically the same thing as mercury, but without the health risk. The technique was passed down by Palomino’s ancestors, former African slaves. Palomino says it’s slower and extracts less gold, but he has no interest in using mercury. “We’ve mined gold like this all our lives,” he says.

And because the technique is chemical-free, Palomino earns a 15 percent premium over the world price for gold through a UK-based outfit called Fairtrade and Fair mined. Green Gold project director Felipe Arango says Fair trade and Fairmined gold costs more, but he believes there’s a market for it.

“Our bet is that if we can attach a value to it and if we can get consumers to recognize it, it should be enough,” Arango says. “The forests and the ecosystems that are around these mines should be more valuable than the gold itself.” The idea behind these and other efforts is to do for gold mining what the organic and fair trade movements are doing for food production.

“This is a sector that can transform itself,” says Lina Villa, who heads the Alliance for Responsible Mining in Medellín, Colombia. Her organization promotes techniques that cut back on mercury use, but don’t eliminate it altogether. Things like better storage and handling techniques can reduce accidents and toxic emissions, and miners who adopt them are eligible for a 10 percent bonus from Fairtrade and Fair mined. “Miners are willing to change and to do things in a different way,” Villa says. “So once you have that evidence that change is possible, not embracing change doesn’t make sense.”

Fairtrade and Fairmined hopes to sign up legions of miners across Latin America, Africa and Asia. Small-scale prospectors like these make up 90 percent of the world’s gold mining labor force. But so-called responsible mining has been slow to catch on. Mining with less mercury takes longer and is less profitable, even with the premiums. That may be why just 1,400 miners in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia have so far joined the Fair trade and Fairmined movement.

Supporters aren’t discouraged, though. Green Gold’s Felipe Arango points out that campaigns for fair-trade coffee and chocolate also started slowly and are now booming.

“This is the beginning,” Arango says. “Right now the volumes are small, but we are starting to see consumers and the mining industry paying attention to a different way of doing things.” And for the miners in Choco, those different ways of doing things bring more than health advantages.

As she takes a break from shoveling, Green Gold miner Mariveth Mosquera points to patches of land that have been restored after excavation, and which now sprout crops like yucca and plantains. The premiums she and her family receive for their eco-friendlier approach have also helped them build fish ponds with mercury-free water to cultivate Tilapia. “Yes, mining like this is harder,” Mosquera says. “But mercury would kill the fish. It would affect everything. Working without mercury is better.”


Dental Mercury Amalgam fillings are Toxic

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By Dr. Mercola

  • Dental amalgams, used for more than 150 years, continue to be used by half of the dentists in North America despite a mountain of evidence they slowly leak toxic mercury into your body, and are particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women
  • Mercury becomes a “biochemical train wreck in your body,” causing your cell membranes to leak, and inhibit key enzymes your body needs for energy production and removal of toxins. Mercury toxicity can lead to major inflammation and chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease



This review is from: Mercury Undercover (DVD)
Xiaan “Askance” (Austin, Texas)

This documentary is a sobering expose on the use of mercury “silver” amalgam filings by the US dentistry. You’ll see how and when it began, the damage it does, how little the FDA does, and how to undo it. It will make you want to find the nearest mercury-free, biological dentist to have your mercury amalgam fillings removed.


After watching this film, I went immediately to google to find out more and I was amazed that this stuff is still legal in most countries and that actually in the U.S is not only legal but that the ADA approves this poison in our mouths and children’s mouths!! I’m upste with my own government, the irresponsible agencies that we have and PAY with tax dollars and with my dentist that never told me about this.
I’m thankful for this film. Kudos!! I think this movie should be on every home, our kids and families need to learn about the dangers of mercury!

Bty (Wisconsin) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

this movie has SOOOOO much info, a must see for anyone questioning mercury….very surreal and scary how much they revel…worth watching!!!!

I have had problems with my teeth since I was a child. The day I was introduced to chocolate was my downfall. Over the years I’ve had abscessed teeth, cavities, root canals, bridges, crowns, root planning and extractions. I have so much metal in my mouth, I can’t get on an airplane with out being wanded by the TSA Gestapo. It was during my first root canal that I wondered why they were taking the extra precautions of a rubber dam placed around my tooth, an oxygen mask over my nose, an oxygen mask over the dentist and his assistant faces. When everything was done I asked them what all that was for. They told me the amalgam filling they had to drill out was considered toxic waste. After watching “Mercury Undercover”, I now understand what they mean by toxic. For the FDA to admit to Amalgam fillings with Mercury to be toxic would be tantamount to the US government admitting to the presence of alien life in the universe. This movie will open a few eyes and a few mouths.
This review is from: Mercury Undercover (DVD)

This video is very telling. I sometimes wonder why we pay the FDA salaries. If a dentist is taught in dental school that they can’t touch mercury directly or breathe it in preparation of fillings, well how in the world can it make sense that dental patients have their mouths full of it, run hot beverages over it, crush down their foods with it and then if they have the courage to have it removed, they don’t have their mouths isolated and noses and eyes covered in the procedure just like the dental professionals do? You have to go to a biological or holistic dentist to get basic safeguards in your removal procedures! What?! Why don’t all dentists have to abide by these patient safeguards? I’d have a lot more faith in government if they would deliver on the regulatory safeguards they boast. As it is, it’s just shallow promises with little to no protection delivered, much like the pink slime in our kids’ school lunches…It’s well past time that Americans stopped waiting for other people to watch out for their health. Have a look at “smoking teeth poison gas” on youtube. Not as good as this video but well full of information someone with metal fillings should be aware of.


The Medicare Problem Can Affect The Most Vulnerable

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In 2007 Medicare introduced the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme. This plan was introduced to help those with chronic dental diseases when a medical condition of at least 6 months in duration is also present. 

According to this Medicare Plan, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, mental illness, musculoskeletal conditions, and stokes are just some the conditions that can be linked to a chronic dental disease. Today many low income people suffer from these conditions alone and many are left to deteriorate little by little without mercy or compassion.

The vulnerable have slipped through the cracks of the medical system because the causes of their “chronic illnesses” are not acknowledged. Only their symptoms are treated.

We hear over and over again from politicians that most of these low income people are driving up national medical costs up by their irresponsible lifestyle choices. They are accused of causing their own poor health. But do we ever hear about the main causes of their chronic conditions in the first place? Do we ever hear who is accountable for causing these chronic diseases?

These details remain a secret, and those responsible for creating the environmental imbalances that caused such poor health are rarely held accountable. For instance, when you ask any conventional medical doctor, they will never tell you that a poison like mercury in amalgam fillings could be a reason for cardiovascular illness or for mental conditions. The mercury in our air, water and dental amalgams is always ignored.

How can we prevent some of these chronic diseases? Should our doctors or dentists discuss this type of information with their patients? Such informed consent is not required by law. It should be demanded by the patients themselves. When a person is exposed to such toxins as mercury amalgam, most dentists and doctors seem to be unaware of the potential consequences.

But when a low income patient visits different doctors, because their health is gradually collapsing, most of them will never be tested for toxins such as mercury amalgam. The doctors will prescribe pharmaceutical medications that push the person further down into a dark tunnel of toxins and painful side effects.

The low income patient is forced to research their own condition to discover that the root of their chronic disease comes from environmental poisons such as mercury amalgam fillings. Most doctors, dentists and Medicare’s approved treatment plans do not consider these possibilities at this present time. Vulnerable people are left to lick their wounds alone. As time passes, and their toxic condition increases as more toxins interfere with vital organs and systems. Symptoms are “treated,” but the causes of disease are never “cured.”

How can we prevent this situation from happening to us? Study. Do your homework. Demand more information from your dentist, doctor and pharmacist. Be an informed consumer before acquiring any type of medical or dental services. Look at it this way. If the roof of your home needs repair, you will research different roofing companies before you hire the roofers. Applying this same concept to your health care might save your life.

Elizabeth Hong on HubPages

The Poison of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

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MERCURY UNDERCOVER A Powerlunch Production film


Film Overview

Ten years ago I got an S.O.S. call from a long time friend. Who was so ill and desperate, she asked me to help nurse her through a devastating illness. She had been poisoned from a hideous, hidden source of toxic mercury. I first learned about mercury poisoning from her own dreadful experience. One day she visited a dentist for a simple procedure and few weeks later her life became a living hell. I witnessed her struggles to discover the cause of her baffling illness and through this journey, I watched this person shrink into a sickly, fragile stranger. Raising awareness on the subject and preventing others from the life-threatening illness caused by this terrible poison is the main objective of this project.

About amalgam fillings.

Mercury absorption is estimated to be approximately four times higher from amalgam fillings than from fish consumption. More over, the build up of mercury in our organs has been implicated in reproductive disorders, allergies, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Gastrointestinal and Neurological problems. However, The American Dental Association (ADA) still maintains that amalgam fillings are safe but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had declared amalgam fillings to be hazardous material.

Who is broadcasting the truth and who is lying?


  • In 2008 Norway, Sweden and Denmark banned mercury filling because mercury is among the most dangerous environmental toxins
  • The concentration of mercury in the brain, blood and urine correlates with the number of amalgam fillings in one’s mouth
  • Opponents of amalgam have challenged its use in dentistry since its introduction over 150 years ago. The first reported use in dental restorations was in 1818
  • Amalgam fillings typically comprise 50% pure elemental mercury, 35% silver, 13% tin, 2% copper, and a trace of zinc
  • Mercury destroys nerve cells, brain cells accumulates in mayor organs, alters though processes and lowers I.Q.


The issue of mercury in amalgams and our environment is one that affects all of us… Mercury in our mouth can contribute to electrical activity and corrosion and can result in a wide range of unexplained symptoms and diseases. This hard element can also adversely affect the immune response. Today there are different alternative materials that could be used for dental fillings and The patient has the right to insist that an alternative material be used.

Coming Soon…Mercury Undercover is a soon to be documentary that consists of four acts which traces the narrator illustrating how one can become mercury toxic. In the course of this quest, we’ll hear from experts, doctors, scientists and mercury poisoned survivors.


The Experts


Dr. Haley has testified as an expert witness at government hearings on the issue of the health hazards of mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam. Dr. Haley received his BS in Chemistry/Physics from Franklin College, he completed his MS in Chemistry at the University of Idaho and his PH.D in Chemistry/Biochemistry at Washington State University.

Dr. Allen Sprinkle is a graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry and has thousands of hours of CE pertaining to Biological Dentistry, chronic head & neck pain and sleep disordered breathing. In addition to his revolutionary treatment procedures, Dr. Sprinkle is in demand as a speaker at various events and is a consultant to various members of the dental and medical communities.

Dr. Group founded Global Healing Center in 1998 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer. Heading up the research and development team, Dr. Group assumes a hands-on approach in producing new and advanced degenerative disease products and information.Dr. Group has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world.

Jonathan W. Emord has been practicing constitutional and administrative law before the federal courts and agencies since 1985. In 1991, he authored the critically acclaimed Freedom, Technology, and the First Amendment in which he chronicled the intellectual foundations of the First Amendment and advocated replacing government control over the airwaves with a title registry, private property rights approach. He is a Member of the Governing Council of the International Society of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. He is the only non-scientist member of the Board of Directors of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists.

Consumers for Dental Choice (CDC) was established in 1996 by consumer advocates, mercury poisoning victims, scientists and mercury-free dentists, and soon thereafter became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Our purpose is to educate the public about the health and environmental dangers of mercury fillings, and to ensure more effective government oversight on amalgam. Since the organization began, the number of amalgams placed have declined dramatically, from two-thirds of all fillings placed to one-third, and the number of mercury-free dentists has grown dramatically.

Amalgam Banned in 3 Countries

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In January 2008, Norway and Sweden totally banned mercury fillings. In April 2008, Denmark banned mercury fillings. Norwegian Minister of the Environment Erik Solheim said, “Mercury is among the most dangerous environmental toxins.” (2) You might think that the US Environmental Protection Agency, which restricts most forms of heavy metal pollution, would be concerned since they are very concerned about mercury toxicity from incinerators and coal-fired power plants. EPA lists the symptoms of mercury poisoning: “tremors; emotional changes (e.g., mood swings, irritability, nervousness, excessive shyness); insomnia; neuromuscular changes (such as weakness, muscle atrophy, twitching); headaches; disturbances in sensations; changes in nerve responses; performance deficits on tests of cognitive function.” These detrimental effects are worst “particularly in warm or poorly-ventilated indoor spaces.” The human body is warm. A closed mouth is a poorly-ventilated indoor space. In spite of all this, EPA does nothing to control the level of mercury in your teeth because “dental amalgams are considered medical devices and are regulated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” And the FDA? FDA claims that their “advisory panel believed that there was not enough information to answer this question. Some other countries follow a ‘precautionary principle’ and avoid the use of dental amalgam in pregnant women.” But FDA is grossly misrepresenting the problem. Three western countries have entirely banned mercury amalgams, period. For everyone and every age. Make no mistake about it: FDA has both the specific responsibility and the authority to restrict amalgam fillings. If there were mercury in other medical devices, such as artificial heart valves or hip prostheses, they would be instantly banned. FDA has the power to stop the use of mercury fillings today.

Consumers for Dental Choice

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EPA to Regulate Dental Mercury


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it will regulate dental mercury! The move is a blow to the pro-mercury American Dental Association (ADA), which had lobbied for a “voluntary” approach to preventing dental mercury pollution – the ADA’s way of doing nothing to stop pro-amalgam dentists from dumping their mercury into our environment.

Mercury released by amalgam-using dentists pollutes our water, our air, and our land, resulting in devastating environmental health effects. As the EPA explains, once dental mercury enters the environment, “certain microorganisms can change elemental mercury into methylmercury, a highly toxic form that builds up in fish, shellfish and animals that eat fish. Fish and shellfish are the main sources of methylmercury exposure to humans. Methylmercury can damage children’s developing brains and nervous systems even before they are born.”

Giving credit where it is due, this move by EPA dismantles the agency’s “midnight deal” with the ADA. This “memorandum of understanding” put the ADA in charge of environmental safety in dental offices, permitting a predictably ineffective program of voluntary amalgam separators – a device for catching dental mercury before it goes into our water. It was like putting Colonel Sanders in charge of the chicken coop. Consumers for Dental Choice teamed with environmental groups to protest this outrageous agreement and demand regulation. Last spring, we helped organize a congressional hearing to address the failure of ADA’s voluntary approach and the ever-increasing problem of dental mercury pollution in our air (via crematoria especially).

In response, EPA will propose a rule to regulate dental mercury in 2011. We will have the opportunity to submit public comments before the rule is finalized in 2012. We must now roll up our sleeves and participate in the rule-making process, less the ADA lawyers and lobbyists gain exemptions that eat up the rule.

We have taken this significant step forward in the fight against dental mercury thanks to three environmental heroes: (1) Michael Bender of the Mercury Policy Project who organized the environmentalists, then relentlessly demonstrated to EPA that the “voluntary” approach is a ruse; (2) Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who chaired the hearings that put EPA’s feet to the fire; and (3) Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the EPA, who defied the ADA lobbyists and did the right thing. I’m sure Congressman Kucinich,, and Administrator Jackson,, would enjoy hearing from you.

We applaud EPA for standing up to the American Dental Association, which still takes the preposterous position that “Dental amalgam has little effect on the environment… [and] this amount is not in the form [of mercury] found in fish.” The Food and Drug Administration would do well to follow EPA’s lead and ignore the ADA’s shady “scientific” claims.

30 September 2010

P.S. Don’t forget to click here to submit your comments about mercury fillings to FDA by the December 3 deadline!

Mercury In Dentistry

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mercury undercover documentaryDental amalgam is an alloy that results from the trituration of powdered silver, tin and copper, which hardens quickly to a solid phase. Dental amalgams have been used as the main restorative in teeth for more than 150 years. It is a popular restorative material because it can be easily manipulated and is relatively inexpensive.

Mercury exposure from mercury dental fillings, also known as “silver” fillings and “amalgams”, is a life long threat. When a person chews, drinks, swallows and breathes, mercury releases from dental fillings and is absorbed by the lungs and the lining of the digestive system which than passes into the bloodstream. As they corrode over time, mercury fillings release even more ionized mercury into the saliva, tooth pulp and gum tissues leading to the digestive system and bloodstream.

Mercury In Fish

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Nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of mercury. For most people, the risk from mercury by eating fish and shellfish is a health concern. Fish and shellfish contain high levels of mercury that can also harm an unborn baby or young child’s developing nervous system. The risks from mercury in fish and shellfish depend on the amount of fish and shellfish eaten and the levels of mercury in the fish and shellfish. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are advising women who may become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children to avoid some types of fish and eat fish and shellfish that are lower in mercury.