By Dr. Mercola

  • Dental amalgams, used for more than 150 years, continue to be used by half of the dentists in North America despite a mountain of evidence they slowly leak toxic mercury into your body, and are particularly dangerous for children and pregnant women
  • Mercury becomes a “biochemical train wreck in your body,” causing your cell membranes to leak, and inhibit key enzymes your body needs for energy production and removal of toxins. Mercury toxicity can lead to major inflammation and chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease



This review is from: Mercury Undercover (DVD)
Xiaan “Askance” (Austin, Texas)

This documentary is a sobering expose on the use of mercury “silver” amalgam filings by the US dentistry. You’ll see how and when it began, the damage it does, how little the FDA does, and how to undo it. It will make you want to find the nearest mercury-free, biological dentist to have your mercury amalgam fillings removed.


After watching this film, I went immediately to google to find out more and I was amazed that this stuff is still legal in most countries and that actually in the U.S is not only legal but that the ADA approves this poison in our mouths and children’s mouths!! I’m upste with my own government, the irresponsible agencies that we have and PAY with tax dollars and with my dentist that never told me about this.
I’m thankful for this film. Kudos!! I think this movie should be on every home, our kids and families need to learn about the dangers of mercury!

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this movie has SOOOOO much info, a must see for anyone questioning mercury….very surreal and scary how much they revel…worth watching!!!!

I have had problems with my teeth since I was a child. The day I was introduced to chocolate was my downfall. Over the years I’ve had abscessed teeth, cavities, root canals, bridges, crowns, root planning and extractions. I have so much metal in my mouth, I can’t get on an airplane with out being wanded by the TSA Gestapo. It was during my first root canal that I wondered why they were taking the extra precautions of a rubber dam placed around my tooth, an oxygen mask over my nose, an oxygen mask over the dentist and his assistant faces. When everything was done I asked them what all that was for. They told me the amalgam filling they had to drill out was considered toxic waste. After watching “Mercury Undercover”, I now understand what they mean by toxic. For the FDA to admit to Amalgam fillings with Mercury to be toxic would be tantamount to the US government admitting to the presence of alien life in the universe. This movie will open a few eyes and a few mouths.
This review is from: Mercury Undercover (DVD)

This video is very telling. I sometimes wonder why we pay the FDA salaries. If a dentist is taught in dental school that they can’t touch mercury directly or breathe it in preparation of fillings, well how in the world can it make sense that dental patients have their mouths full of it, run hot beverages over it, crush down their foods with it and then if they have the courage to have it removed, they don’t have their mouths isolated and noses and eyes covered in the procedure just like the dental professionals do? You have to go to a biological or holistic dentist to get basic safeguards in your removal procedures! What?! Why don’t all dentists have to abide by these patient safeguards? I’d have a lot more faith in government if they would deliver on the regulatory safeguards they boast. As it is, it’s just shallow promises with little to no protection delivered, much like the pink slime in our kids’ school lunches…It’s well past time that Americans stopped waiting for other people to watch out for their health. Have a look at “smoking teeth poison gas” on youtube. Not as good as this video but well full of information someone with metal fillings should be aware of.


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