Mercury Undercover-DocumentaryTen years ago I got an S.O.S. call from a long time friend. Who was so  ill and desperate, she asked me to help nurse her through a devastating illness. She had been poisoned from a hideous, hidden source of toxic mercury. I first learned about mercury poisoning from her own dreadful experience. One day she visited a dentist for a simple procedure and few weeks later her life became a living hell. I witnessed her struggles to discover the cause of her baffling illness and through this journey, I watched this person shrink into a sickly, fragile stranger. The main objective is to put the facts and details into a documentary to expose the secrets behind the corruption of amalgam’s major component, mercury. With this film we plan to separate the truth from fiction according to  top experts in the field. Mercury Undercover will help inform those who are oblivious to the pervasiveness of this remaining threat. Raising awareness on the subject and preventing others from the life-threatening illness caused by this terrible poison is the main objective of this project.