Filmmakers Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya have exposed the dangers of mercury toxicity and the connection to dental amalgam fillings. The FDA and ADA have been successful for many years in concealing the risk of amalgam from the public, even after the mountain of scientific research. Many scientists have voiced how the mercury vapor from amalgam is highly absorbed by the body, once released from an amalgam-filled tooth, mercury in the form of nonreactive mercury vapor goes from your mouth to your lungs, then to your brain via your bloodstream. A common enzyme in your body called catalase converts (oxidizes) mercury vapor into the “Hg2+” form, which is VERY toxic and traps it inside your cells. Once here, it is very difficult for your body to remove it. Amalgam fillings contain more mercury than any other product sold in America. Why is this toxic product still on the market and what is the political pressure that stands in the way? This revealing documentary features interviews with scientists, doctors, victims along with forwarding thinking attorneys who reveal the shocking truth.